“It all started with a solution”

A striking phrase that exemplifies our performance in a nutshell, finally, after a long development work, the first micro-pump was used in a fluidic field of application about 10 years ago.

Thus, it all started with a groundbreaking solution - this approach is written deep into the developer DNA.


It is simply one of our core competences to analyse the development potential of your products (opportunity identification) and to accompany you as an idea generator from concept (concept generation) through prototyping to series production.


Along the way, our team will impress you with interdisciplinary competences, which not only represent an outstanding knowledge advantage in practical microtechnology, but also offer a creative and innovative team performance as a developer group.

This is one of the reasons why physicists, process engineers, chemists, mechatronics technicians, laser technologists and many more qualifications work in all age groups.

They all develop new solutions for new markets, bring creations to patent maturity and work on the switch from standalone to series production.

Qualities that mature in a dense network, in which both technological suppliers, a renowned research landscape as well numerous institutes come together to ultimately create complete product worlds MADE IN GERMANY for a global market.

  • Modifying and customizing

  • New development

  • Support


Our areas of microComponents and micro Engineering, therefore, propel each other mutually forward. Each issue calls for a development, which in turn calls for interaction as an innovation. This creates a perfect climate for innovation with future-oriented added value. We are not just the seller of our products. We are solution providers and help our customers with problems for which our micro-pumps are a perfect solution. From creative brainstorming to prototyping, through individual customisation to (small or large) series production.






Although our microComponents and microEngineering are definitively distinct from each other, the two areas interact intensively with each other at the same time.

If, for example, a customer is looking for a solution to a problem or needs functionality that goes beyond the performance of one of our products, we can usually deliver real and fast solutions thanks to the complete component family.


We also integrate components from third-party suppliers. Provided that their benefits open up a better or more cost-effective way to a solution.

We enjoy an excellent reputation in the world of microtechnology, thanks to which we can draw on a broad international portfolio.    And when we adapt our own products for individual solutions, our microEngineering team is always optimally equipped for them.


However, it also happens that customers ask us to support them in a development process related to microtechnology.

In more than 20 years, we have developed a powerful range of solutions with which we can now answer almost any question about our micropumps. This also applies to young topics such as nebulization and spray generation or other methods of fluid drop manipulation.

When we develop solutions, the focus is always on their industrial usability. This is another reason why we predominantly use mature technologies and processes that meet the required requirements 100 percent in the relevant volume (quality, quantity, price).

Especially when established technologies are mixed with innovative innovations, this fusion must be carried out very carefully. And last but not least, we keep an eye on the patentability of developments and, of course, consider the rights of third parties.

All this makes up our microEngineering. And much more. Talk to us about the solutions in this tiny world with its gigantic possibilities.




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